Arkansas Twin Falls in Richland Creek

Finding Twin Falls is half the challenge, but well rewarded when you get there.  Follow THESE DIRECTIONS to Richland Creek Campground.  Park at the lower campground where you will find the trail head.  Hike west - immediately crossing Falling Water Creek.  Stay on this trail - known as the Richland Creek Trail - for 2 miles to the confluence of Devil's Fork Creek.  Continue straight for 1/4 mile.  Twin falls are 1/4 mile up stream of the Devil's Fork.  Twin Falls is two side by side waterfalls using water from two different creeks - Richland Creek and Devil's Fork.

For a bonus hike another 400 yards or so up Richland Creek to Richland Falls.  Richland Falls is only a 6 foot drop, but about 40 yards wide.  When there is a great deal of water the sight and sound is moving.


Twin Falls Straight On













Twin Falls Side View