Bad Weather : Great Time

By moose

Lee Shinaberry and his group arrived late Wednesday night around 8:00. We all enjoyed a wonerful dinner prepared by Tina! A roasted and encrusted pork tenderloin, with a creamy, mild goat cheese sauce was the entree. Accompaniments included grilled veggies, mashed potatoes, a delicious salad and homebaked whole wheat bread! As if this wasn't enough , we topped it off with Tinas banana pudding.

Thursday arrived rainy and cool.The guys stuck it out in the rain like soaked rabbits. They did catch quite a few fish with the largest being 4 browns in the 18 to 20 inch range. The girls had an easier day .They enjoyed massages and sightseeing and then just hung around the lodge and RELAXED!

Thursday night we enjoyed a wonderful ribeye dinner with all the fixins and some very nice wines provided by Mark Shinaberry. After dinner we stayed up late and we all played dominoes.Talk about cutthroat! I had forgooten how much fun it is to play dominoes with a great bunch of people! A fine time was had by all!