Lakes or Rivers/ It,s a tough choice

By moose

I tell you what, I have a dilemma. The walleyes are biting, the smallmouth nightbite is great, and the rivers are also fishing great right now. What to do, what to do. This is a hard decision, but I do love to eat Walleye.

Seriously, The White has been fishing very good, Chip and Brenda from Little rock were up this last weekend and caught a good number of fish despite the rain. On their second day, Chip caught a very nice 22 inch brown and also managed a cutthroat, and lots of rainbows. He almost got a grand slam, but as a beginning "trout" fisherman he didn't quite realize the accomplishment he just barely missed. Raymond and Debbie from Tyler also had a great day with Greg on the White, and caught quite a few fish. The sulphurs are starting to come off, but the water has been running at 5,6,and 7 units so this has slowed the hatch, but not the fish catching.
I personally have been on the lake, as of lately chasing walleye.  I have to admit though, I have actually been catching more Kentucky spotted bass,and smallmouth than the trophy walleyes I am after.I have been catching some walleye but the large fish seem to be where I am not.
The evenings on the lake have been beautiful though and the sunsets are magnificent with all the cloudcover!

The garden is coming right along and Tina e begun to nibble a few Cherry tomatoes. They are always the first to ripen,so I am told.

I wil be back on the lake Monday night with my good friend Irvin, after some walleyes. I think a fish fry is on the near horizon! Tight lines to all of you.