Great Times

Great times - creating memories - having a blast.  Many ways of expression when life is going well.   And life - well, it is going well here in the Ozark mountains.  It was wet over the Memorial Day weekend, but the great thing is that the water will not stay long.  We will drain pretty quick.  Our rivers are soon to be back to normal with many people on them right now.  

 Life in general is going great for myself as the Executive Director of the Ozark Mountain Region tourism association.  My member businesses on the Buffalo, Lake Norfork, Bull Shoal, and White River are all picking up intensity.  We were all concerned over the economic woes of our nation, but it turns out that when things get a little tough - people look to the best value of travel - The Ozark Mountains.

 I hope that your family has a chance to come to the Ozarks this Summer - and I hope that you will come back to this web site to share your story, your pictures, and your memories with other people.  Contact me if you have trouble using our system.  It is pretty simple - and I can help you through it.