Mountain is GREAT

By Gastons White River Resort

For the second consecutive year Outdoor Life magazine has ranked Mountain Home among the country's best towns to live for those who love the outdoors. And although Mountain Home's place in the magazine's top 200 towns may have slipped a bit--from 1st last year to 19th in the magazine's current June-July issue--it still ranks among the elite and it will continue to bolster the area's reputation as a top retirement and tourist destination, according to local chamber of commerce officials.

     The story by Outdoor Life Senior Editor John Taranto lists the--quote--"top 200 affordable, thriving and perfectly wild towns in America"--unquote. It notes that while the country is mired in its worst financial crisis in 80 years, many people are looking for a frest start in a new location that provides a higher quality of life. It offers the top 200 towns for outdoorsmen but also says the locations are based on housing costs, jobs, amenities and other factors.