Why so Friendly?

Visitors and recent transfers to our little area of Arkansas often question why everyone is so friendly.  I do have to say that to me, we are getting much less friendly compared to 30 years or so ago when I was growing up in the area.  At that time, it was necessary to learn to drive with your hand in such a position that it was easy to wave from the top of the steering wheel.  I still drive with my hand there, and I frequently wave at cars coming my way - it's just that now there are more cars and I am not as likely to know the driver of each of them.

Anyway - why is it that we are so happy and friendly.  My theory is that because our economy here in the White River basin area of the Ozarks is a bit suppressed compared to the rest of the world.  Most of us that live here do so because we WANT to live here.  Seldom is anyone transferred to our area by way of a company or corporation.  Few people are bound here because of profession of any sort.  Fact is, most any of us could move a fairly short distance and increase our income and potential for even better earnings.  Therefore, my theory is that we are all so darned happy because we are living where and how we choose.

 So, next time that you hear a "stupid hillbilly" joke, stop and think who really is the brightest.  We are all living right where we want to be and we are darned happy.   Come see for yourself.  We don't mind sharing.