Attractions Or Distractions

By 101

There are vacations that allow the weary American worker to focus outward and away from their traveling companions. For many vacationers, this style of vacation is the very thing and is just what is needed. The " attraction " ( shows, theme parks, gambling ) becomes the focus of the married or unmarried traveling couple and allows for the change of scene that caused them to leave home and spend their hard earned dollars on a road trip. These, of course are the Disney-Vegas destinations and they have their place and function in the overall  scheme of things.

Then you have the couple who have a noisy enough life. Their marital communication often punctuated by the kiss on the run; while passing each other in the doorway. Always on their way to somewhere they'd rather not go. This couple may fear that they have forgotten how to be alone together. How to sit and talk or how to sit and not talk. This is the couple who will contact me in the fall and spring.

If he calls to arrange a romantic getaway, he will  nearly always be uncertain if the romantic getaway accommodation is really as good as the web site makes it out to be. He needs reassurance that she will be happy with his choices. It is extremely important to be honest with him. He knows that when his loved one walks in to that accommodation, her thought is, " this is how much I mean to him ".

Dear resort owner, be careful what you call a honeymoon cabin. I don't mean to say that  every " honeymoon cabin " has to be fancy or feminine. It does, however, need to offer privacy and a level of comfort that a woman would require.

For the resort operator who is marketing to women, this takes listening to your guests. It takes a willingness to go the extra mile to satisfy higher expectations. It also takes more dollars. This is the investment that the romantic getaway provider must be willing to make. It is worth it.