Coming soon - a Castle near you

What was I supposed to think?   I get a phone call a while back from a genuine sounding lady in France who tells me that she and her husband have bought some land in the Ozark Mountains and are building a medieval fortress using the same methods, architecture, etc that was available in the 13th century.  I did get my hopes up a little when she tells me that they have done this before.

I think to myself that it sounds great, but really?  Can this be pulled off?  And what would be the attraction?  Who would really care?

I visited the site yesterday.  My mouth is tired today from the crazy grin I had on my face from the moment that we pulled up to the site and got an idea of what is giong on here.  Unbelievable.  This is really a must see for anyone that is coming to or through Harrison, Lead Hill, Omaha, or for that matter, it is WELL worth the 1 hour drive from Mountain Home.  Branson is only about 40 miles north of the location.

There will be pictures coming soon - but just like all of the great things you have seen in your life after seeing pictures - the pictures will not do justice to the atmosphere and creation that is being erected.  Starting in May of 2010, visitors will be able to volunteer their time and labor to help construct.  Does that sound like Tom Sawyer trying to get you to white wash his fence?  What do you get out of it?  A week long, or even longer lesson in 13th century architecture and methodology of castle building and the thrill of working on a 15 year project that will stand tall and proud in the hills of Arkansas for many generations to follow.  Not interested in working?  That's OK.  There will be 2 hour tours of the grounds available to the visitor with less time on their hands.

When the place officially opens, I encourage you to visit.  A memory that will be with you forever.   For now, take a look at their web site -