Grand Slam:Cajun Style

By moose

I really don't know where to start this one,so I'll just jump in. Sam and his wife Tonda showed up after a couple of months of planning and boy did we have a ball with these guys.Great food and company were just the icing on the fishing cake.

Sam had the opportunity to fish with 3 of the Whites top guides in my opinion. He fished in a drift boat one day, listened to a Welsh accent for 3 days and fished with the most organized guide on the river, He loved them all and compared the experiences with "winning 3 separate million dollar lotteries". They were all so fun and each guide taught him their own styles . I know from the guides comments that they enjoyed Sam as much as he enjoyed them.
His largest fish of the week was a trophy 21 inch rainbow taken on a midge. However the highlight of the trip, other than witnessing a "mega Hatch of Caddis", was catching a grand slam in one days fishing on the White on a fly!!!

This is rarely done on the White due to the very small number of Brookies in the river. And then when you are fortunate enough to get a brookie the cutthoat doesn't show himself. Sam,you must have been holding your mouth right. Seeing people have this much fun is what makes "working" at the White River Inn a true joy for Tina and I. Thanks for the good times guys.