Ozark Pie Auctions

It came to my attention the other day that many people have never attended a pie acution, or even know what a pie supper and auction is. In the rural Ozarks, the pie supper has been a staple of fund raising for as long as settlers have inhabited the woods.

Just last night, I was in the community of Oxley (near Leslie, AR) at the volunteer fire department.  A local family had come across a hardship due to illness and were in need of some money.  The people of the area baked pies, cakes, cookies, and even some homemade jams and crafts.  In the very dim lit room, about 40 of us gathered with a local auctioneer and proceeded to bid on and buy back these donations.  Much good natured ribbing and joking went on for the two hours it took to raise nearly $3000 for the folks in need.

I have attended many of these auctions.  The earliest I remember was in the early 70's when we were raising money at the Bruno school.  I forget the exact need, but I believe it had to do with the baseball team.  

The people of the Ozarks are fine independent people.  When we see a person that has been a good neighbor in need, we are quick to help. This tradition goes back to when there was no other help here in north central Arkansas.  I am proud to be part of such a culture.  Please don't bid up the pecan pie too high - that's the one I plan to buy.