Silly Bear, BunksR4Kids, Part 1

By rita


A small sob escaped me as I went into the guesthouse bedroom to tidy up. Who wouldn't be touched by the sight of a small brown Teddy Bear tucked in ever so carefully underneath the covers of the top bunk bed? My own son's white-turned-gray creature came to mind.when he snuggled with it at about age two. The previous morning when I asked our clients how they slept, young William volunteered that he'd slept on the top bunk. His daddy seemed puzzled by that, obviously thinking his offspring began the night in the double beds. So it seemed only transparent that the bear I found the next day was William's. When I asked William about the creature, he had a blank look on his face until his older sister Elizabeth volunteered, “oh that's my bear.” “And what's his name?” I asked. She giggled. “Oh we just call him Silly.” Our new friends from McKinney, Texas included parents Eric and Diane, baby Caroline, and Sarah, Elizabeth, and William. (continue on part 2)