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White river drift boat fishing

By moose
Kevin and his two sons arrived from Overland Park, Kansas on Wednesday evening. It is always great to see father and son trips with all the youthful enthusiasm for something new and adventurous.They were all in for a treat. After a big pancake breakfast (some chocolate chip of course}, the boys headed to the flyshop to meet Scott and Steve. They fished out of driftboats which is a real treat. Although the water was high, at 8 generators or so,  they enjoyed a great day on the river,. They caught 3/4 of a grand slam ,with a brown, a cutthroat ,and several rainbows coming to the net! There is just something mystical about gliding down the river, silently and effortlessly, in a drift boat, that brings a  reflective peace  and a sense of security! Scott Branyan built his boat himself, out of African Mahogany, and it is truly a work of art. These drift boats are sturdy, safe platforms to fish from, even in the roughest of waters, although we don't have any such waters on the White River. Today the boys were up early, and after a hardy meal they headed to Dry Run Creek! Dry Run is one ...