Buffalo National River

Call today for a Package deal!

By gilbertstore
At the Gilbert General store there is pleanty of sunshine and fun times waiting for you! We still have canoes,this weekend would be the perfect time to go floating! We also still have our river cabins available! Call us today about our package deal 1870-439-2888 or 1870-439-2386

Cabins and Cottages

By gilbertstore
We've been renting out cabins and cottages but this weekend we have our lovely Haley's House open. We also have one of our log river cabins open to! Call us today about our package deal! 

It's been raining!

By gilbertstore
It’s been raining here!  The river is still low, but it is floatable! The river has experienced a little bit of a rise with this rain! It has also cooled off a lot! Its great! So if your looking for something fun to do and a great way to cool off, get on down to the Gilbert store and get yourself a canoe, at Buffalo, Camping, and Canoeing!

It's 4th of July!

By gilbertstore
It’s July 4th, and there’s no better way to celebrate it than canoeing on the Buffalo River! It’s hot, It’s dry but that’s why they call it summertime, the best way to cool off is to jump  into the Buffalo!  We still have plenty of canoes to rent out, and the water is still floatable! Come on down to the Gilbert General Store and we will set you up with a canoe or kayak! 


By gilbertstore
It’s hot outside, and the perfect place to be is in the buffalo river to cool off in this heat! If you come down to the Gilbert General Store we will fix you up with a canoe to float the buffalo! We also have Cabins and Camping! So come join the fun in Gilbert! 

Camping Time!

By gilbertstore
Camping season is here! And Buffalo Camping and Canoeing has the perfect place for you to camp! Come on down to the General store and we will set you up with a fantastic camp site! 

Still renting canoes!

By gilbertstore
Are you bored? Do you need something to do? Come on down to the Gilbert General Store, and we will set you up with a canoe, on the flowing colorful Buffalo national river! 

Boy Scouts visit the Buffalo

By gilbertstore
The Troop 30 boy scouts from Austin Texas visited us today taking a peaceful overnight trip on the cool buffalo, having fun cooking hotdogs and marshmallows by the toasty campfire! Want to do the same? Come on down and visit us! The Buffalo river is great!

We are back!

By gilbertstore
Hello blogging world! We haven’t blogged in years, three to be exact! We know youhave just been beside yourself awaiting our next post! You sure are patient! We hope to change theblogging dry spell! Happy Monday! We ended a successful weekend with all of ourboats in the water! The river level is 3.5 near the Hwy 65 Bridge and all of ourfloaters made the most of every inch of water! This year marks the 40thanniversary of the Buffalo National River and we are celebrating this year instyle! Come on in and see us and help us make this year the best yet! -gilbert girl

Buffalo National River at Pruitt, five miles south of Mystic Caverns, is ready to float!

By mysticcaverns
I had the opportunity to drive down from Mystic Caverns to the Pruitt access to the Buffalo National River this morning, and I was amazed at the beautiful color of the water.    The Redbuds are blooming, and the Dogwoods are starting to bloom. The sun is shining and river is beckoning. It's time to bring out the canoes! Do yourself a favor, take some time to visit the incredible Buffalo National River this Spring!