Dutch Oven Workshop

By Gastons White River Resort
May 2, 2009 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Dutch Oven Workshop Bull Shoals-White River State Park Meeting place: Meet at the Riverside pavilion. This is your chance to learn the time-honored tradition of Dutch oven cooking. Join us to learn about this historic cooking vessel and cook a full meal over hot coals. Fee includes workshop instruction, a 2-quart Dutch oven, workbook, and a full meal. Don’t miss out on a discount for all cast-iron cookware and accessories at our gift shop the day of the workshop. Call to reserve your spot. Admission: $35

Only One

By rita
  Although the hotline number for the generation schedule at Bull Shoals Dam announced 2-4 units this past week, the truth was much lighter flows. I checked the water on our campground boat ramp and decided I could safely wade there or a high mound gravel bar upriver. Choosing the gravel bar, I found clear water and safe footing. My approach was to cast a fly, let it swing in the current for a few seconds and then drift next to a brush pile. Trout often seek the quieter water in this situation where they wait in lazy fashion for food service. Several light ticks on the line indicated small fish, but nothing I could capture. After trying a Little Randy fly (very hot the week before on no generation), I found no takers either with or without a strike indicator. Next I attached a tan scud, also uneventful. I paused to watch a pair of damsel flies land on my sleeve. I wondered if they were attracted to my seafoam colored shirt or simply paused to visit. Concentrating again on the task at hand, I turned to my “go-to” fly, Mike's White River Angel. I used it first with ...

Camping in the Ozarks

By Quarry Marina
I am a magazine-aholic!  One of my favorite magazines that covers travel all over the south is the AAA Southern Traveler.  The newest edition, May-June 2009, gives some wonderful information about setting up camp in northern Arkansas, the outstanding Ozarks! The article covers camping along the Buffalo, waterside camping at Lake Norfork and cave country camping.  You can read the article by Jinny Ravenscroft Danzer  by clicking the following link  

Eagle Chicks at His Place Resort!

By HisPlaceResort
Yes, Isaac & Rebekah, our resident bald eagles, have done it again!  This is the 6th year in a row that they’ve produced eagle chicks! You can see them across from the Observation Deck.  They hatched kind of early this year, around the 20th of February.  We believe there are two this year, as they are starting to stick their heads out of the nest… When we first moved here, the eagles hadn’t produced chicks for several years.  As this pair is an older, more established pair, they don’t migrate like the younger eagles generally will, but stay in this area year ’round.  Several folks, including some from AGFC, said their time for chicks was behind them… So, I waited…  No chicks in 2002.  No chicks in 2003.  I wasn’t really expecting anything in 2004, as I was pretty convinced by that time that everyone who’d told me they wouldn’t have chicks anymore was right.    But, I was still praying that they would…  I’ve always really been drawn to eagles. Yes, yes, there are definitely more important things to bother God about — but I thought if maybe I bugged him enough about it, and if He had some spare ...

Hallelujah! He is Risen!

By rita
Like other Christians in the Twin Lakes area, we'll celebrate Easter in our usual Sunday morning spot, the First United Methodist Church of Mt. Home. Rita will be singing from the choir loft in the Traditional Service and Mike will be jammin' with the Praise Band in the Contemporary Worship Service. The name Angels Retreat originated from our long abiding faith and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We strive to provide a Christian family-centered atmosphere where you can retreat, spend time in quiet reflection, pray or simply be with those you love. As you consider a place for your church's sunrise services, picnics, and baptisms, remember our campground is right on the river. We've hosted several church picnics, camp-outs, youth retreats, communion services, five weddings, and one river baptism! Happy Easter Everyone!

Looking Forward to the Sounds of "Relative Fire!"!

By Rainbow Drive Resort
All of us here at Rainbow Drive Resort are looking forward to our returning guest Gordon and his band “Relative Fire”.  For those of you not familiar with his group, they play rock & roll, soft rock, southern rock, and easy listening music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  Once a year they pay us a visit and one night during their stay they perform for all the guests and anyone else who may stumble upon our gathering.  This year’s event is scheduled for Friday May 8th   around the fire pit on the lower lawn.  This will be a night you won’t want to miss. Hope to see you and your family for a wonderful night in the Ozarks. See ya’ll soon, Your Friendly Office Girl, Beckie

Talkin' Outdoors - AGFC's Steve "Wildman" Wilson

By HisPlaceResort
Hello everyone! The Arkansas Ozarks has so many wonderful hunting & fishing opportunities!  Steve (a.k.a. “Wildman”) Wilson has been with AGFC (Arkansas Game & Fish Commission) for many years, and does a great TV show called, “Talkin’ Outdoors”, which features hunting & fishing shows all throughout the Natural State. The AGFC has posted the videos of the previous shows on their website so you can view them anytime now! Check out Hey, if you can’t be outside…  you might as well be thinking about it! I’m sure you’ll enjoy them…  and when you get ready, just give us a call and we’ll help you create some unforgettable memories of the Ozarks! Your White River Trout Diva Become a Fan on Facebook Get our Tweets on Twitter Read the Trout Diva Blogs at  

The Big 'Un... A Trout Fishing Story by Bob Watts

By HisPlaceResort
Hello, everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year…  Steve and I did.  Yup, we had some quiet, alone time…  It was great! Anyway, today I have another story that my Daddy, Bob Watts, wrote about fishin’ the White River that I wanted to share with you…  I hope you enjoy it! The Big ‘Un – A Trout Fishing Story by Bob Watts Rainbow Arch Bridge, circa 1950, photo courtesy of AR Highway Department Most fishermen go through three stages before they take their final fishing trip… The first stage is that they want to catch as many fish as they can.  About half the fishermen I have ever met are still in stage one.  Sure, if a big one comes along, they’ll take it.  But they are usually more thrilled by the number of fish they caught than one stray big one.  “Yeah, had a great trip.  Caught at least a couple dozen, and one really good one.”  And that “one really good one”?  Well, you’ll notice it took second place. The second phase is they want to catch as big a fish as possible.  After all, a photo of a really big fish usually draws more ...

The German Brown's are Here....

By Rainbow Drive Resort
...German Brown Trout that is.  I recently went on a trout fishing guided trip with my good friend and professional fishing guide Wayne Tolliver. Boy was it cold.  The fog was beginning to lift, the wild turkey’s a-gobblin on the distant hill top, and besides the cold air breathing straight down our valley, we couldn’t have asked for a more picture perfect day to skip work and enjoy a day fishing the world famous White.   Our bait of choice? With the water  high that day, approximately 5 generators, a box of red Belgium worms would be what our hungry friends would desire.  The trick is in the Rigging.  Come see me and Wayne or I will show you how.    We started our journey straight out in front of our resort, in our trusted Rainbow Hole and drifted to my new favorite spot.  I caught 4 brown trout at 18-19 inches and 1 at 20 inches.  Not to mention several Rainbow Trout that we tossed back.   So for 4 hours of fishing and countless Rainbow and Brown Trout my experience was no less than unforgettable.  For Wayne, that’s an average day on the White River.  Til next time.... ...

Where to Stay in the Ozarks

As mentioned in my White River Trout Fishing blog entry, my Ozark mountain lodging management experience began 17 years ago when my wife and I bought our first resort here in Arkansas.  From that time forward, I have answered the question, "Where should I stay?". Styles of lodging varies as much as the interests of travelers.  The cities of Harrison and Mountain Home both have a variety of chain and privately owned motels.  Resorts on Bull Shoals Lake, Lake Norfork, and the White River have a variety of full service resorts to privately owned houses managed for short term rentals.  Areas surrounding the Buffalo River abound with secluded cabins widely ranging in levels of comfort and amenities.  Therefore, the answer to the question of where to stay in the Ozarks is most frequently followed with my own question, "What do you want to do?".   Another question that the Ozark vacationer should ask themselves is, "Who am i traveling with?".   If traveling with people that do not want to prepare their own food, then know that a secluded cabin may have a long drive to a restaurant.   If  your husband cannot stand to be without internet connection for ...