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We are back!

By gilbertstore
Hello blogging world! We haven’t blogged in years, three to be exact! We know youhave just been beside yourself awaiting our next post! You sure are patient! We hope to change theblogging dry spell! Happy Monday! We ended a successful weekend with all of ourboats in the water! The river level is 3.5 near the Hwy 65 Bridge and all of ourfloaters made the most of every inch of water! This year marks the 40thanniversary of the Buffalo National River and we are celebrating this year instyle! Come on in and see us and help us make this year the best yet! -gilbert girl

Norfork Lake Conditions Out of Blackburns Resort Near Mountain Home, Arkansas

By BlackBurns Resort
The Dogwwoods and fruit trees are blooming and the grass is green at Blackburns.  Couple that with good fishing and you have just found your spring vacation destination. Lake temperature is in the 50's and the level is normal. Check out  We are ready for your visit.

February 1st - It's like Christmas to Trout Fishermen on the White River

By Gastons White River Resort
Christmas is to children, like The Catch and Release Area below Bull Shoals Dam is to the White River Trout Fisherman. The trophy trout have been able to feed, breed, and grow without any negative pressure from an outside source. Many of the Brown Trout have been spawning over the past two months and are now hungry. These trophies are going to be hungry and agressive, feeding on some if not all flies and bait fish. Any fishermen willing to try their luck in what could be cold weather, has the potential to catch, photograph, and release a real Trophy Trout. The bite should be nothing short of magical!  

White River Eagles

By Gastons White River Resort
Here is some of the shots that Jim Gaston took while looking for Eagles during Eagle awareness!!!

89 Miles South of Mystic Caverns, Mt. Nebo State Park Offers Awesome Views!

By mysticcaverns
Photographs and Adventures From Mt. Nebo State Park   Located only 89 miles South of Mystic Caverns, Mt. Nebo is a family friendly inexpensive get-away. I spent this last weekend with my wife and children in Cabin #62 at Mt. Nebo State Park. The cabin was built by the CCC in the 1930's. It was rustic, but very nice. It had one bedroom with a queen bed, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living area with two fold down futons. Saturday morning, I drove about .5 mile to Sunrise Point and took the following pictures:   During the day Saturday, I hiked to the waterfall not far from our cabin. Unfortunately, there hadn't been enough rain lately to have much flow. The picture below is of three young ladies from Little Rock underneath the waterfall. I saw some berries & wildflowers hiking with my children Saturday... The top of Mt. Nebo has beautiful sandstone rock... My daugter found what appears to be the fossil imprint of a tree in a piece of sandstone... Saturday Night while my wife and children were grilling in the backyard of our cabin, I took some pictures of the sunset... When we woke up Sunday ...

Blackburns Resort on Norfork Lake Arkansas deer and wild turkey

By BlackBurns Resort
I caught 2- walleye yesterday, 3 white bass, 5 crappie and two catfish.  None of them would fit in two hands.  I do not care if the dams are generating or how high the rivers are.  There are no put and take fish in Norfork lake.  They are wild and big.  Stripers are stocked but the large ones are 5-7 years old and smart and strong.  Some walleye reproduce in the upper rivers.  Norfork Lake is a great fishery thanks to the Arkansas Game and Fish. Fish out of clear and clean water are the best. No strong taste.  Blackburns Resort will put you on them. Low cost boat rentals.  And by the way I have many deer and wild turkey on Blackburns 28 acres. I saw 10 turkey and 7 deer just 1- hour ago right by Blackburns dock.

Fall Has Arrived in the Arkansas Ozarks at Mystic Caverns on Scenic Highway 7

By mysticcaverns
Wow! Fall Colors Have Arrived! I left Mystic Caverns this morning on my scooter heading South on Highway 7 to enjoy the Fall weather. I drove down to the Cliff House Inn & Restaurant for a fabulous lunch of beans and cornbread. As I was heading back toward Harrison, I was so amazed at the beautiful Fall colors that God has blessed us with that I had to stop and take some pictures. The picture below was taken about three miles North of the Cliff House on Arkansas Scenic Byway 7. I continued heading North through the beautiful small town of Jasper, Arkansas and stopped at the Buffalo National River by the Pruitt Ranger Station. It was there that I took the next two pictures. This is a picture looking up river.   This picture is looking down river toward the bridge. I went back by Mystic Caverns to find that we were quite busy with people enjoying the fantastic fall weather here in North Arkansas. Below is a picture of our gift shop at Mystic Caverns (it was built by the Dogpatch USA theme park in the late 1960's). I hope you have a chance to get out and ...

Family Roadtrip to the Ozarks

By seville
      FAMILY ROADTRIP 2010   The Ozark Mountains, Buffalo National River and Harrison, AR Historic but Trendy - fun for the kids to explore    At the 1929 Hotel Seville, we invite you to entertain bringing your family vacation to Harrison, Arkansas.  As we re-invent ourselves as the Gateway City to the Buffalo River - National Park Region we welcome you to learn more about the convenience of our location to such dynamic attractions  as the Ozark Medieval Fortress, Mystic Caverns, Harrison community pool and the swimming and hiking attractions of the Buffalo River Region just a few miles South of the Hotel beginning at Pruitt.  Evening activities might include live music inthe hotel and around town or the short drive North to Branson to catch an IMAX movie or unique show.   To add to what will already be a memorable trip, when you stay two nights at the Hotel Seville, we will kick in the third night for JUST $19.29.    Ozark Medieval Fortress     Lead Hill, AR  21 Miles North A Castle in the Making ...   Have you ever dreamed of medieval castles? Real strongholds of the past, built with quarried stones, felled oaks, forged tools, and bare hands.  Do ...

First signs of fall color

By Gastons White River Resort
Gaston's home of trophy trout for over 50 years !!! Become a Fan of Gaston's FaceBook Site Gaston's White River Resort, Lakeview, AR It cost no more to go FIRST CLASS !!!

Frost Flowers

By blanchard
If you've been out and about early in the morning, you may have seen what looks like litter or balled-up paper in a field or next to a road. If you look closer, you would see that these things are not litter, but icy wings squeezed from plants. These are called frost flowers, although one old-timer called them "Jack Frost" and as a child he would rush to eat them before they melted! At Blanchard we have seen them all along the creek and down near the campground this past week. Frost flowersare netiher frost nor flower. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, they form when moisture already inside the stem of a plant freezes. One of the properties of water is that it expands when it freezes. The skin of the plant stem splits under the pressure of the expanding ice. Because of the cell structure of the plant’s stem, the splits occur in tiny vertical rows. Capillary action in the plant’s veins pumps the moisture out through these minuscule cracks like translucent ribbon candy. As crack after crack yields a layer of ice, the total effect resembles the many layers of a flower petal. Air bubbles trapped in the ice ...