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Blackburns resort Fishing Report and Scuba Steve's Blog

By BlackBurns Resort
Norfork Lake should have some very good diving conditions this Spring.  Lake is clear and not too high and many dive sites should be easily accessible.  Spear fishing is always good.  Check out for a fishing, diving and daily blog.

Indian Paintbrush at Baker Prairie ten miles North of Mystic Caverns

By mysticcaverns
Just ten miles North of Mystic Caverns, Baker Prairie is a 71 acre piece of land preserved as a natural prairie. It is located on Goblin Drive across the street from the Harrison Middle School. My favorite flower found there is Indian Paintbrush. This flower varies from vivid bright red to a soft salmon color (see pictures below).               There are many other beautiful wildflowers at Baker Prairie, but that will have to wait until my next blog. If you visit our area during Spring, check out Baker Prairie. It is easy to find and well worth a visit. I do recommend anytime that you are hiking or walking in the woods or fields of our area that you use an insect repellent to help keep tics off of your body! As always, please visit us at Mystic Caverns; we have some of the most beautiful caverns anywhere!

Motorcycle Benefit Ride to aid disadvantaged school children in Baxter County

By mountain_home_AR_realtor
Mark your calendar for July 24, 2010. Everyone who enjoys riding motorcycles can have a true purpose in "We can make a Difference" benefit ride. All proceeds will benefit the Back Pack Food Program for disadvantaged school children in Baxter County. There is a donation of $10.00 per bike. Meet at CNETURY 21 LeMac Ralty EAst Parking Lot (next to the Wal-mart Supercenter on Hwy 62 East) for sign in at 9:00. Ride begins at 11:00 am with free food and drinks provided by First Security Bank. After the ride there will be door prizes! Come and have a fun ride for a good cause. The Bar-B-Q Gills will be smoking!

Mountain Home Real Estate Company 2009 September Newsletter

2009 September newsletter is now posted on our website.  Want more information about Mountain Home Real Estate Company?  Check out our newsletter that is filled with useful facts and important information.  Click on link below for our 2009 Newsletter:  We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all your real estate needs.

Now is a Great Time to Buy a Home

By mountain_home_AR_realtor
Have you been thinking about whether now is the right time to buy a home? Let me assure you that there may never be a better time. Interest rates are at a historic low, inventories are up so there is a wide choice at very reasonable prices, and now the federal government has extended the First Time Home Buyer's Tax Credit until April 30, 2010. If you haven't owned a home for the past three years, you can earn up to $8000 in tax credits. With this extension came an expansion of the credit so that anyone who wants to change primary residence can up up to $6500 if you have lived in a home for at least five years. Check out more information at for some answers to questions you may have. Check with  your tax accountant for any other questions you might have. This is an opportunity that may not be offered again so if you are wondering if you need to act, the answer is yes. Even if you have to sell your home less than it would have sold a few years ago, with all the incentives in place now, you may never find a better ...

Ozark Pie Auctions

It came to my attention the other day that many people have never attended a pie acution, or even know what a pie supper and auction is. In the rural Ozarks, the pie supper has been a staple of fund raising for as long as settlers have inhabited the woods. Just last night, I was in the community of Oxley (near Leslie, AR) at the volunteer fire department.  A local family had come across a hardship due to illness and were in need of some money.  The people of the area baked pies, cakes, cookies, and even some homemade jams and crafts.  In the very dim lit room, about 40 of us gathered with a local auctioneer and proceeded to bid on and buy back these donations.  Much good natured ribbing and joking went on for the two hours it took to raise nearly $3000 for the folks in need. I have attended many of these auctions.  The earliest I remember was in the early 70's when we were raising money at the Bruno school.  I forget the exact need, but I believe it had to do with the baseball team.   The people of the Ozarks are fine independent ...

What does Ozark mean?

The Ozark Mountain's namesake is of curious background.  What does Ozark mean?  There are multiple theories, and I will cover some of them here: Considered by some to be the most accurate theory, says that French Trappers shortened the phrase “aux Arkansas”, meaning “going toward Arkansas”, to “aux Arks”. The word “Arkansas” refers to Arkansas Post on the Mississippi River. Arkansas Post is today a National Memorial under the National Park Service.   An English traveler, John Bradbury, first used the name “Ozark” in print in 1809, and the term “Ozark Mountains” first appeared on a map made by S.H. Long in 1815, thus “officializing” the name, according to Phyllis Rossiter’s "A Living History of the Ozarks". Yes - this seems to be a good an acceptable explanation as taken from web site - but wait..   The web site which was developed to promote the actual town of Ozark, Arkansas has this explanation: The origin of the word Ozark is French and comes to us from the early French explorers who first navigated and mapped the mighty Arkansas River in the late 1600's and early 1700's. After France gained control of the vast land which later became known ...

Elk Hunting Friends - very lucky couple

Here is an article about a couple friends of mine who will be elk hunting in Arkansas for the 2nd year in a row.  Obviously retiring to the Ozarks has been a great idea for them.   Of note:  I have not had an elk steak or burger yet !

Glistening Gliders

By rita
My neighbor and walking buddy Diane is becoming a Master Naturalist. Each month she has taken classes soaking up knowledge. She teaches me much on our daily treks down the road about the treasures to be found in our precious Ozarks. She imbues her lessons with the gift of story-telling and respect for the environmental gifts we have inherited while living here. This week she taught me about the dragonflies swarming by the hundreds along the river and country side. They are called Wandering Gliders (Pantala flavescens). They're wide-ranging and considered to be the most widespread dragonfly on the planet. The body is tear-drop shaped and medium sized. It has a mostly yellow tapered abdomen, long broad wings, and a plain gray thorax. Females sport an all yellow face while males add a red tint to the yellow. Over time, males develop an orange spot on the dorsal side of their abdomen and brown wing tips. The adult Wandering Glider often forages in large swarms and one of the most remarkable reports of such a swarm covered 13 miles. Sadly, these creatures live 30-60 days, giving them only time enough to mate and lay eggs before they die. There are approximately ...

New home for the Yellville Arkansas Chamber of Commerce

Some good things going on in Yellville, AR.  There has been a lot of questions about how the old train depot was moved up the Yellville city park (the north park), how the caboose was moved, where the money is coming from.  This article in the Harrison Daily Times does a good job of telling us about the work and the involvement of the Baker family.  Good stuff: