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Why so Friendly?

Visitors and recent transfers to our little area of Arkansas often question why everyone is so friendly.  I do have to say that to me, we are getting much less friendly compared to 30 years or so ago when I was growing up in the area.  At that time, it was necessary to learn to drive with your hand in such a position that it was easy to wave from the top of the steering wheel.  I still drive with my hand there, and I frequently wave at cars coming my way - it's just that now there are more cars and I am not as likely to know the driver of each of them. Anyway - why is it that we are so happy and friendly.  My theory is that because our economy here in the White River basin area of the Ozarks is a bit suppressed compared to the rest of the world.  Most of us that live here do so because we WANT to live here.  Seldom is anyone transferred to our area by way of a company or corporation.  Few people are bound here because of profession of any sort.  Fact is, most any of us ...

Annual Classic Car Show Sponsored by CENTURY 21 LeMac

By mountain_home_AR_realtor
  May 9, 2009 Annual Classic Car Show at the CENTURY 21 LeMac East parking area. There were 97 Entries in the show of all types of cars. Everyone had a great time. Even though there were awards handed out, everyone here was a winner. The rain held off, as many people prayed for, and First Security Bank cooked hot dogs and everyone talked car talk all day. Next year we expect it big enough to fill even more of the parking lot.  

Arkansas Ozarks versus Missouri Ozarks

The 'debate' over the Arkansas Ozarks versus the Missouri Ozarks is a subject that I personally have always dismissed or avoided.  My true feelings are that the native American Indians never knew there was a border.  I don't know how we ended up with a political border in such an unfortunate place dividing up one incredible geographic area into two.  A real shame.   Anyway, here is an article from the Memphis Commercial Appeal that dives into the subject and makes some comparisons: I suggest you come to the Ozarks and make your own decision. 

Mountain Home Arkansas is great place to be

Don't just take my word for it that Mountain Home, AR is a great place to be.   The people at Outdoor Life magazine think so much of the town that last year, they ranked Mountain Home as THE best - 1st - numero uno - place to live for an outdoors person.  Think of all the great outdoors places that you have heard of, then realize that Outdoor Life, the print media authority of hunting and fishing, says Mountain Home is the best.   The Outdoor Life annual rankings are out again this year.  We did not hold our #1 position, but we are #19 and proud of it. Here is a link to our local radio program with an article and some audio.   And a link to the article itself.

Mountain is GREAT

By Gastons White River Resort
For the second consecutive year Outdoor Life magazine has ranked Mountain Home among the country's best towns to live for those who love the outdoors. And although Mountain Home's place in the magazine's top 200 towns may have slipped a bit--from 1st last year to 19th in the magazine's current June-July issue--it still ranks among the elite and it will continue to bolster the area's reputation as a top retirement and tourist destination, according to local chamber of commerce officials.      The story by Outdoor Life Senior Editor John Taranto lists the--quote--"top 200 affordable, thriving and perfectly wild towns in America"--unquote. It notes that while the country is mired in its worst financial crisis in 80 years, many people are looking for a frest start in a new location that provides a higher quality of life. It offers the top 200 towns for outdoorsmen but also says the locations are based on housing costs, jobs, amenities and other factors.

Remember the Studebaker?

By mountain_home_AR_realtor
For all you readers over 55 or so, you probably remember the Studebaker. My first new car was a Studebaker Lark. Of course, I grew up in South Bend, IN, so what else would I drive! Well, I had more than one, and grew to love that old car. I bought a rusted out old  1963 Champ pick-up truck back in the '70's and rebuilt it. I even drove it down here to Arkansas when we moved in 1977. I used it for a number of years while we were in the resort business and sold it about 1989 and it was still running. Don't know where it ever went. Now I own a 1950 Champion Starlight coupe, which I even drive to work once in a while. Those of you who live in Mountain Home, AR, probably have seen me driving it around town. May 9th there is a car show at our CENTURY 21 LeMac Realty East parking lot, and you bet I'll be there. There will be all kinds of antique cars, free entry, awards given by Chevy Classic Club, and free hot dogs, too. You can bring your car, if you have one to enter. If ...

9-lb.Hybrid caught by Steve from Blackburns Resort on Norfork Lake Arkansas in the heart of the Ozark Mountains by Mountain Home

By BlackBurns Resort
I went by boat to the committee meeting for the upcoming Sportsmen Dinner on November 16th.  On my way home just before pulling into Blackburns Boat dock I saw some topwater fish .  By the time I got to them they went down.  I got my trusty Bink's jigging spoon and on the first drop caught a 9-lb. Hybrid.  It fought like crazy and I put on a big show.  There were boats all around me and my dock was nearly full of people.  Good timing.  When I came in, Blackburns Cove was full of boats spooning like crazy.  If you are not staying at Blackburns you are paying too much.

Bass Cat "Reunion"

Saturn car company made a big deal out of Saturn owner picnics and reunions back in the 90's.  Great concept.  Bring like minded people and proud car owners together for an event. Those of us in the Ozarks know that this idea was old news.  Bass Cat Boats has this concept down to a fine art. Bass Cat boat owners are some of the proudest in the world.  They feel the bond of having made the choice to purchase and fish from one of the better pieces of machinery ever built.  And when they come together on Nofork Lake in Arkansas - they do it in style - with a fishing tournament.   The Bass Cat Owner's Invitational fishing tournament will take place on April 30th and May 1st near Mountain Home, AR.  We tourism people look forward to this tournament because of the outstanding family atmosphere that Rick and his crew at Bass Cat put together - such as the numbered duck pick up pictured.  Unlike many tournaments, very few "guys" show up with serious fishing on their mind.  The whole family shows up and has a ball.  We hope that if you are a Bass Cat boat owner, you ...

Bass Tournament

Getting ready for the Promise Land Area Resorts Amateur Bass Tournament.  We had a great time last year fishing "the trees" where all the bigs ones were hiding.  This year the fish are bigger and more plentyful.  The water temp is almost at 51 degrees - the magic temp for the best bites.  Still room for more to join the fun - see our specials for more details


By mountain_home_AR_realtor
You surely remember Wylie Cyote and his beep, beep friend, the Road Runner. About two weeks ago we were taking pictures along the White River for a home we were listing and lo and behold, there was a dear, old road runner posing for us. Yes, these are common here in this part of Arkansas, but they are usually fast and don't stay around for photos. However, we found this one you see in the picture below, just scurring along and stopping periodically just to pose for us to take his picture. Just thought you might enjoy seeing this. Maybe you can snap a photo of him too if you get here in the Ozarks this spring or summer.