Secluded Cabins


By Bear Creek Log Cabins
A small herd of 26 elk bounded into the hayfield yesterday afternoon about 4:00pm.  They grazed their way across the huge field until they were pretty close to the cane by Bear Creek and then bedded down for the night.  While we were watching them and taking pictures the bull paid very close attention to us, hardly taking his eyes off of us. You can see more of the photos on our Facebook page at "Buffalo River Log Cabins=Bear Creek Log Cabins". We post them often along with last minute cancellations and specials that are going on. Our calendars for March, june, and July are filling up quickly for family reunions, retreats, and family vacations to ride their 4-wheelers, fish, swim, and much, much more:)

Bear Creek Log Cabins Offering Winter Special

By Bear Creek Log Cabins
Come enjoy a winter get away at any of our five cabins and take $10 off each night for any of our 5 cabins (all "HOT DEALS" still apply). Give us a call at 870-448-5926.

Elk Herd Enjoying the Winter Weather at Bear Creek Log Cabins

By Bear Creek Log Cabins
Winter is the perfect time to view the beautiful wild life on the ranch. The elk were right next to Bear Creek below the Turney Homestead Cabin this week along with the American Bald Eagles and several hawks. We also saw a large blue Heron not too long ago.  The geese have been entertaining the guests at the Lake House. The weather has been harsh and bitter at times but we are enjoying the beauty of our Ozark mountain home.

Buffalo River Tours

By steelcreek
Steel Creek Cabins is pleased to announce that we have opened a new business/service along the Buffalo River.  Buffalo River Tours is here to provide visitors with guided hiking, fishing, photography and driving tours.  Created from a desire to help not only visit the Buffalo River, but experience the river and all it's glory.  Take the guess work out of your vacation.  Never worry about getting lost again.  We can help you create the experience of a lifetime.  Please contact us with any questions or to reserve a tour. BRT is a Commercial Use Authorization holder with the National Park Service.  Need a place to stay?  Steel Creek Cabins has a cabin that will fit your wants, needs and budget. 

Attractions Or Distractions

By 101
There are vacations that allow the weary American worker to focus outward and away from their traveling companions. For many vacationers, this style of vacation is the very thing and is just what is needed. The " attraction " ( shows, theme parks, gambling ) becomes the focus of the married or unmarried traveling couple and allows for the change of scene that caused them to leave home and spend their hard earned dollars on a road trip. These, of course are the Disney-Vegas destinations and they have their place and function in the overall  scheme of things. Then you have the couple who have a noisy enough life. Their marital communication often punctuated by the kiss on the run; while passing each other in the doorway. Always on their way to somewhere they'd rather not go. This couple may fear that they have forgotten how to be alone together. How to sit and talk or how to sit and not talk. This is the couple who will contact me in the fall and spring. If he calls to arrange a romantic getaway, he will  nearly always be uncertain if the romantic getaway accommodation is really as good as the web site makes it out to be. He needs reassurance that she ...

Cabin X Sparkles With Holiday Lights All Winter Long

By Buffalo-Outdoor-Center
Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a sparkly, romantic winter escape!  We're keeping Cabin X aglow with icicle lights and winter finery---both inside and out--- through February 22nd! Begin your day sipping a hot cup of Celestial Seasonings tea while wrapped in a fluffy, cozy bathrobe...or swirl a candy cane in the hot cocoa that's awaiting your arrival...take the tingle out of your toes with a soak in the cabin's outdoor hot tub, overlooking 30 miles of Buffalo River scenery...enjoy hiking a peaceful Buffalo River trail during one of our favorite seasons to explore...see our magnificent elk herd or the trumpeter swans that frequent the Boxley Valley...escape a hectic world to one of the most secluded cabins in Arkansas, and what is certainly one of the finest Buffalo River cabins you could select for an extra special Ozark Mountain getaway. To book, call us toll free at 1-800-221-5514.  We're open 7 days a week; office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Winter is one of the Buffalo River's finest moments---don't miss it, as well as the chance to celebrate romance in a beautiful, private cabin afire with twinkling lights!     

Grand Slam:Cajun Style

By moose
I really don't know where to start this one,so I'll just jump in. Sam and his wife Tonda showed up after a couple of months of planning and boy did we have a ball with these guys.Great food and company were just the icing on the fishing cake. Sam had the opportunity to fish with 3 of the Whites top guides in my opinion. He fished in a drift boat one day, listened to a Welsh accent for 3 days and fished with the most organized guide on the river, He loved them all and compared the experiences with "winning 3 separate million dollar lotteries". They were all so fun and each guide taught him their own styles . I know from the guides comments that they enjoyed Sam as much as he enjoyed them. His largest fish of the week was a trophy 21 inch rainbow taken on a midge. However the highlight of the trip, other than witnessing a "mega Hatch of Caddis", was catching a grand slam in one days fishing on the White on a fly!!! This is rarely done on the White due to the very small number of Brookies in the river. And then ...

Low Water: Caddis Hatch=Great Fishin!!

By moose
These are truly the Good old days!! The water has been low every day for a week, and the caddis hatch is phenomenal. The White River Flyfishing hasn't been like this for quite sometime. Although the hatch is a little later than usual it is definitely worth coming over for. Soft hackles and dries have been the top producers, and for all of you dry fly purists it doesn't get any better than this, ANYWHERE, in my opinion. If you have an opening come as soon as you can! I would certainly expect this hatch to remain strong for at least another week or two. We can only hope the water will still remain low and I think it should with all of the flooding south and east of us.

Memorial Weekend/ The Week Before

By moose
It is always prudent for me to mention how the fishing "has been" before a big holiday and a full house! This last week has been phenomenal fishing with low water starting the day each morning,and then generation picking up around 1 or 2 oclock in the afternoon. Mrs Carter Brooksher fished with Steve one day and had a wonderful day! She caught all rainbows with an 18 incher being her largest. She said she lost count after 30 or so, and this was a great change in numbers from her native colorado rivers, where 6 to 8 fish is considered a good day,with most of those fish being browns. Our caddis hatch has dwindled down but the midging has been excellent. I did witness a very unusual "microcaddis" hatch 3 evenings ago and the birds were all around our deck gobbling them up and you could literally here their tiny little beaks clicking as they hovered and ate as many as they could get. It was something I had never seen before and quite a sight to see. My garden is growing quite well and we are excited about fresh veggies and tomatoes for our breakfasts. The deer population is ...