Secluded Cabins

Recovering from 'The Ice Storm'

Things look much better now that most of the downed branches from trees have been removed.  Most trails are open and the Buffalo did not suffer much at all as most of the ice was at higher locations.  A carefuf observer will find, however, tha most of the trees are 5 -15 ft shorter than they were before the storm hit.  Full recovery will take many years.  If hiking in the artea watch for hanging limbs as many branches were bent down and are dying but still attached to the tree.  These barnches may fall at any time over the next few years so be alert for these 'hanging' hazards.

Wally Woodchuck

By rita
Since we changed the type of bird seed we normally purchase, we've seen more unusual critters at our feeders. The reason is probably that the less expensive mix has more corn. One of the feeders is an old bird-bath with only the bowl left propped on cement blocks. We hadn't seen Wally Woodchuck since last fall. Yesterday, I was alerted to his presence when I glanced up from the breakfast table to see a squirrel clinging to the edge of the big tree and focused on the feeder. The reason became apparent when I spotted Wally all sprawled out munching away. The squirrel wasn't about to interrupt Wally's snack. No longer a candidate for a diet program, Wally is sleeker. But he wasted no time chowing down on the corn portion of the food. Our feeders are a daily fascination and we're likely to see a large variety of birds including a visit from a pileated woodpecker. If you delight in bird-watching as we do, plan to come down and spend time in our guesthouse. We'll introduce you to Wally and a few of our other friends. And just maybe, in the interim, we'll enroll Wally in Weight Watchers. Blessings, Writer ...

Why Pet Friendly ?

By 101
When my husband and I decided to partner in a business, we knew it had to be something that would allow us to live and work on the same site. For me, part of  "living"  means living with my doggie people.  Before deciding to make our lives together in the sumptuous and secluded woodlands of the Ozark Mountains, we had intended to remain in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and build a premier dog kennel. It was to have been the Hilton of doggie digs, and it would have provided airport parking spaces and airport pickup for the traveling dog lover. The process of business planning went all to easily until we were stopped by a redesign of our parking that more than doubled the project price tag. We blinked. In my business as a resort owner/operator, I still include the doggie guest, in direct competition with the dog kennel industry. This pleases me to serve the non-kenneling market.  Another benefit to having human guests ( as opposed to dogs ) as my primary business is that I don't have to throw a noose around their neck every time they pop their heads out the door. This applies to most of ...

Kids and Kayaks

By rita
Last Sunday our cousin Sharon, her twelve year old grandson Doug and their friend Kay visited our guesthouse. We all claimed our spot on the back porch where we visited and Mike entertained us on his keyboard. Monday morning we visited Rocky Ridge Refuge for a look at the final days of Lurch, the Watusi steer featured in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest horn circumference in the world. Lurch's cancer is beginning to take its toll. His days on this earth are limited, but he is still a gentle soul. All the animals showed off including the game between Zwebiscuit, the zebra, and the dogs who chased each other on opposite sides of the pasture fence. The water buffalo, the donkeys, and the miniature cows surveyed the games while grazing nearby in the pasture. Doug's enthusiasm for the prospect of kayaking, however, was his main focus. On Monday afternoon Mike hauled a kayak, Doug and his grandmother upriver to Crooked Creek where the youngster paddled to his heart's delight. While Mike and Sharon toured by Jon boat, Doug explored all the nooks and crannies of the creek as only a pre-teen can do. He excelled so well that ...

Ozark Offspring

By rita
 We drifted below our boat ramp in late evening enjoying the cool breeze across the water. Although our purpose was fly fishing, the trip became a wildlife tour as we spied our old friends, the Canadian Geese, both Mr. and Ms. with their new flock The goslings seemed undaunted by the sound of our boat motor and waddled along the river's edge searching for food under the vigilant gazes of Ma and Pa. Fly fishing soon forgotten, we focused our attention on their fluffy yellow feathers and their sweet innocence, as the fog coiled and whipped around us until they were lost from sight. There is more to this waterway than fishing. Sometimes blessings come in the smaller details and the gift of new life on the river. Visit my new blog:   Blessings,  Writer Gal

Photojournalist Discovers Buffalo River's Lesser-Known Places

By Buffalo-Outdoor-Center
Last week Buffalo Outdoor Center was privileged to work with respected Morning News photojournalist Flip Puthoff for a story about the Buffalo National River's special lesser-known places.  To read the story and see photos, click on this link:  Exploring the Buffalo River's Lesser-Known Places.

The Promise Land

By deerrun
Deer Run Guest House & Cabins and Oak Ridge Resort are two of several resorts located in the Promise Land Area of the Ozarks.  Located 20 miles outside of Mountain Home, AR in the rural Ozarks.  Driving down our road to Bull Shoals Lake you'll see deer and wild is laid back and quiet.  Take advantage of the great hospitality of our resorts...enjoy life and the beautiful nature of the Ozark Mountains.  Eleven 1-4 bedroom housekeeping cabins and three housekeeping houses, covered boat docks and boat rentals.  Visit our websites today and check availability.  http://www.deerrunguesthousecom  

Armadillo Attackers?

By rita
Call us a bit strange, but we've named the wild animals who frequent our property. Our favorites are a pair of armadillos we call Fred and Ethel. The silly shell-toting critters are often fond of bursting forth from the underbrush at the most inopportune times. I must admit to a few startled moments when they've come running across the yard chasing each other like small piglets. Last night about 11:00 the phone rang. Two clients were camping in a tent on our campground. We were about to go to bed and were surprised to hear Mr. Camper's voice. In a subdued whisper, he informed us his wife was a little spooked. It sounded like someone was walking around on the campground. I attempted to reassure him that it was probably a couple of raccoons, but he insisted someone come and check. Mike grudgingly got dressed and took his flashlight, only to find Fred and Ethel up to their usual nocturnal adventures. The next morning Ms. Camper apologized and graciously accepted our good-natured ribbing about The Attack of the Killer Armadillos!

Big Generation: Fat Fish

By rita
Although there's high generation this week, the fishing is good. We left during late afternoon in the boat and motored to a favorite spot. Using pink San Juan worms and split shot, I snagged a large Rainbow. He fled upriver and we chased him in the boat. His jumps and tail dances made for some heart-thumping moments. My rookie luck held, however; and I managed to get him in the net and then released him.

Bin Muddn' ?

I was at a meeting this morning.  One of those early meetings that you get in early in the morning so as to not interrupt a full day of meetings that will follow.  My mind was nowhere near the subjects at hand.  My mind was wondering down a National Forest behind the wheel of my Jeep. The setting was great - it was fall time.  The summer heat was gone.  I was no longer swimming in Bull Shoals Lake or wading in the White river for trout - nope, I was driving through the woods in my Jeep.  My wife and I have been married 25 years.  Of those, we have owned a Jeep 22 years.  It is what we do.  It is how we roll. Then I accidently laughed out loud - loud enough to draw the attention of some of those paying attention at the meeting.  Embarrassing for sure.  I laughed because I recalled one of those great moments in life.  Last fall, after one of our Jeep outings, I was driving our Jeep to work and went through McDonald's for breakfast.  My vehicle had mud down the side and some on the hood left over from our ...