Arkansas Hunting Regulations available

Since many visitors to Arkansas Ozarks enjoy deer and turkey hunting - and bear hunting is growing - I thought I would post a link to the newest Arkansas Game and Fish hunting regulations:  AR Hunting Regulations - Click Here 

Blackburns Resort on Norfork Lake arkansas laundry

By BlackBurns Resort
Do you like going  several miles away or waiting for 1- washer or dryer when trying to do laundry while on vacation.  Forget it.  Blackburns Resort on Norfork Lake has three washers and three dryers in their laundry mat with laundry baskets and magazines while looking out the window at the feeding station for the nature trail.  You do not have to settle for less.  Why not have it all and pay less.  If you are not staying at Blackburns you are paying too much.

Arkansas Ozarks versus Missouri Ozarks

The 'debate' over the Arkansas Ozarks versus the Missouri Ozarks is a subject that I personally have always dismissed or avoided.  My true feelings are that the native American Indians never knew there was a border.  I don't know how we ended up with a political border in such an unfortunate place dividing up one incredible geographic area into two.  A real shame.   Anyway, here is an article from the Memphis Commercial Appeal that dives into the subject and makes some comparisons: I suggest you come to the Ozarks and make your own decision. 

Great Times

Great times - creating memories - having a blast.  Many ways of expression when life is going well.   And life - well, it is going well here in the Ozark mountains.  It was wet over the Memorial Day weekend, but the great thing is that the water will not stay long.  We will drain pretty quick.  Our rivers are soon to be back to normal with many people on them right now.    Life in general is going great for myself as the Executive Director of the Ozark Mountain Region tourism association.  My member businesses on the Buffalo, Lake Norfork, Bull Shoal, and White River are all picking up intensity.  We were all concerned over the economic woes of our nation, but it turns out that when things get a little tough - people look to the best value of travel - The Ozark Mountains.  I hope that your family has a chance to come to the Ozarks this Summer - and I hope that you will come back to this web site to share your story, your pictures, and your memories with other people.  Contact me if you have trouble using our system.  It is pretty simple - and ...

Mountain is GREAT

By Gastons White River Resort
For the second consecutive year Outdoor Life magazine has ranked Mountain Home among the country's best towns to live for those who love the outdoors. And although Mountain Home's place in the magazine's top 200 towns may have slipped a bit--from 1st last year to 19th in the magazine's current June-July issue--it still ranks among the elite and it will continue to bolster the area's reputation as a top retirement and tourist destination, according to local chamber of commerce officials.      The story by Outdoor Life Senior Editor John Taranto lists the--quote--"top 200 affordable, thriving and perfectly wild towns in America"--unquote. It notes that while the country is mired in its worst financial crisis in 80 years, many people are looking for a frest start in a new location that provides a higher quality of life. It offers the top 200 towns for outdoorsmen but also says the locations are based on housing costs, jobs, amenities and other factors.

Puzzled Over Buying a Home? Let Us Help You Out.

By mountain_home_AR_realtor
Buying a home can be a daunting task. You can find a lot of help from CENTURY 21 corporate site at especially for a first time buyer. After all CENTURY 21 is the Gold Stardard in real estate. Also, check out Dick and Arlene's site with 21 tips for buying and selling a home at Now that you have the $8000 Buyer's Tax Credit, it is a great time to consider buying a home. It may never be better if you are a first time home buyer.  

Remember the Studebaker?

By mountain_home_AR_realtor
For all you readers over 55 or so, you probably remember the Studebaker. My first new car was a Studebaker Lark. Of course, I grew up in South Bend, IN, so what else would I drive! Well, I had more than one, and grew to love that old car. I bought a rusted out old  1963 Champ pick-up truck back in the '70's and rebuilt it. I even drove it down here to Arkansas when we moved in 1977. I used it for a number of years while we were in the resort business and sold it about 1989 and it was still running. Don't know where it ever went. Now I own a 1950 Champion Starlight coupe, which I even drive to work once in a while. Those of you who live in Mountain Home, AR, probably have seen me driving it around town. May 9th there is a car show at our CENTURY 21 LeMac Realty East parking lot, and you bet I'll be there. There will be all kinds of antique cars, free entry, awards given by Chevy Classic Club, and free hot dogs, too. You can bring your car, if you have one to enter. If ...

Wedding Day at Hummingbird Hideaway Resort

By hummingbirdhideaway
Five generations joined Garland and Melony as they celebrated their marriage at Hummingbird Hideaway Resort on Norfork Lake. The wedding was an ideal opportunity for their family reunion. Family members arrived from Colorado, Alabama, Ohio, Missouri and Arkansas to witness their vows on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Congratulations Melony and Garland, may you have many happy years together!

1938 DC3 Lands at Gaston's Airport

By Gastons White River Resort
Gaston's White River Resort World Class Trout Fishing at Gaston's White River Resort, Lakeview, AR It cost no more to go FIRST CLASS !!!