Drive into the Movies

Marshall Arkansas - located in Searcy county.  Marshall is on highway 65 about 40 miles south of Harrison.  To get to Marshall from my house in Flippin requires a 1 hour drive across rugged Ozark Mountains and terrain - one of my favorite drives.  My wife and I make a trek to Marshall a couple times each year for the purpose of visiting the Kenda drive in theater.  Last night, we crossed the Buffalo River while the sun was still bright.  We both commented that we are over due for a canoe trip in on the river.  Seeing the Buffalo always makes me want to be ON the Buffalo. We got to the theatre about 30 minutes early by design.  For those that have not been there, early time at the drive in is in many ways comparable to a miniature tail gate party before an NFL game.  Just as we were getting tired of the atmosphere, the movies started.  Mall Cop and Twilight were our double feature.  Yes -the Kenda broadcasts the movie over a weak FM transmitter.  We could have listened to it in startling good sound through our vehicle's radio system - but that would ruin what ...

First Tuesday of Spring

By Quarry Marina
On this first Tuesday of Spring, there is a lake wind advisory in affect until 7:00 PM.  I've seen several boats on the lake today and one fisherman said he caught quite a few fish this morning.

Gaston's White River Resort Airport

By Gastons White River Resort
Home of trophy trout for over 50 years ! Become a Fan of Gaston's FaceBook Site Gaston's White River Resort, Lakeview, AR It cost no more to go FIRST CLASS !!!

Herbs and grain

By hummingbirdhideaway
Today we will receive the shipment of grains that was ordered from our local co-op. We have been doing pretty well with the grind flour, make bread tasks that were started this winter. Only one loaf ended up in the trash can- I'd like to say it was one of the first I made, but it was one of the last. The recipe, however, was not one on the beginner's list. I think maybe I got a little to overconfident with my early successes and tried to casually use a recipe that doesn't lend itself to casualness. Working with whole grains is different that working with white flour but it is worth the extra trouble.  We have been using hard red, and hard white wheat for yeast breads, soft white wheat for everything else, and a mixture of brown rice, barley, wheat for some really good pancakes. I will be adding millet, rye, quinoa and other rices to my pantry today. I am anxious to try my hand at making 7 grain mix. The herb garden at Hummingbird Hideaway Resort will be quite diverse this year. We have the rosemarys, oregano, sages, tarragon, chives and mint that are perennial and growing nicely. Also to be ...

Ozarks spring weather

By hummingbirdhideaway
Winter seems to be making one last try at hanging on in the Ozarks. We're supposed to get a freeze tonight after the wind dies down. A couple years ago we had a 2 day April freeze that really confused the plants. That year we had had an unseasonably warm winter and everything started leafing out and blooming in March. We ended up having to clean up "fall" leaves in April! I must tell you, that was not an appreciated thing to add to spring yard clean up. It shouldn't be bad this year. Our trees are just starting to leaf out and the freeze is not supposed to last long.  We'll probably cover a few of the plants that are peaking up but most everything is still waiting to be planted. We'll keep our fingers crossed for the Mountain Home peach and berry producers. Lou won't be out fishing on Norfork Lake tonight, but if we get any good, credible information we'll pass it on. We have friends and guide friends that are fishing daily and we all share fishing info.

Use your First Time Buyer's Tax Credit to own a piece of the Ozarks

By mountain_home_AR_realtor
Are you thinking of buying your first home in the Ozarks? Now you can get $8000 of tax credit to do this. If you have not owned a home within the last three years you qualify for this government rebate. However, you need to hurry. You closing must be done before Dec 1, 2009. Go to our Tax Credit page on our Website to get details about this awesome deal. Call us today at 870-421-0669 or 870-321-0810 for listing information in our Twin Lakes Area. The regional hub of this area is Mountain Home, AR, a great place for Living in the Ozarks.

What is your favorite wine bottle opener?

By Blue_Lady
Wine Gadget: Wine Bottle Openers by Margie Roelands, Vintner, Raimondo Winery www.raimondowinery.comThere are many types of wine bottle openers.  What is your favorite wine bottle opener?·        Waiter’s Friend –  It is the basic folding corkscrew that folds up and can be easily held in your pocket. It is named for the fact that it is the traditional wine opener used by most restaurant servers and Sommeliers. It looks like a pocketknife and is a very versatile opener. Carry it in your pocket, suitcase, car, or use it at home. While different versions are offered at a wide range of prices, it is generally an inexpensive opener and sometimes is even a “giveaway” at a winery or wine event. It takes some muscle and some getting used to but it’s hard to beat for the price. Its usability and portability make it the perfect choice for a picnic or in a hotel room on vacation. Available in regular and double-hinged versions but the double-hinged version much easier to use.  Ah-So Opener – It’s the opener with two thin strips of metal that you slide down between the cork and the glass, then twist and pull to extract the cork. I wouldn’t ...