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Blues, Canoes, and Barbecue Part 2

By rita
  Justin fired up the grill next to the guesthouse and we had a great visit as he cooked. He and Mike jammed a little. Justin plays a mean guitar and Mike kept up with him on the keyboard. By Monday morning, they'd packed up and headed back to Little Rock. As with all good friends, we were sad to see them go.


By Deer Lodge
Fall is here and we had mmuch needed rain.  Leaves are already falling along with the temps.  What a wonderful place we are lucky to have.

Gorgeous Glow

By rita
  Spring blooms adorn our woods right now. Redbuds revel. Wild plums preen and dogwoods dazzle. Trees glow as sunlight filters through their budding branches. Watch the changing array of colors across the river from the covered front porch of our guesthouse. Practice the “Ozark Stare” guaranteed to leave you stress free. Blessings. Writer Gal Visit my blog  

Silly Bear, BunksR4Kids, Part 1

By rita
  A small sob escaped me as I went into the guesthouse bedroom to tidy up. Who wouldn't be touched by the sight of a small brown Teddy Bear tucked in ever so carefully underneath the covers of the top bunk bed? My own son's white-turned-gray creature came to mind.when he snuggled with it at about age two. The previous morning when I asked our clients how they slept, young William volunteered that he'd slept on the top bunk. His daddy seemed puzzled by that, obviously thinking his offspring began the night in the double beds. So it seemed only transparent that the bear I found the next day was William's. When I asked William about the creature, he had a blank look on his face until his older sister Elizabeth volunteered, “oh that's my bear.” “And what's his name?” I asked. She giggled. “Oh we just call him Silly.” Our new friends from McKinney, Texas included parents Eric and Diane, baby Caroline, and Sarah, Elizabeth, and William. (continue on part 2)

Silly Bear, BunksR4Kids Part 2

By rita
  Mr. Mike took the 3 kids for a four-wheeler ride and invited William to “drive.” Poor William certainly had a rough time, as somehow the contraption went forward when he attempted reverse. They rode down to the campground where William's driver's training skills took them right into the edge of the river, complete with Mr. Mike's chuckles and squeals from the passengers. We won't soon forget our new Texas friends, especially their precious well-behaved children and of course their Silly bear. Blessings, Writer Gal Visit my blog:

The Fourth,Family,Friends,Fireworks and Fish

By moose
This weekend was just about as good as it gets for us here at the White River Inn.The Swicegood family from Fort Smith came over again. With Chris and Lolly playing the Guitar and singing we were entertained in a special way. We love all of our aspiring and established musicians who stay with us. But the icing on the cake was Chris catching a lifetime personal best 8 lb 1 oz brown trout. It was HUGE! It was only 24 1/2 inches long but it was so fat. It was a big male and truly a trophy of a lifetime. It was one of the largest trout taken by one of our guests in the five years we have been here. He is going to have a beautiful replica made, that will grace his wall nicely. Bill hall brought his family up and they also had some great success ,especially on Dry Run Creek . Marc guided the Trevor and Garrett to some great fish on their first flyfishing excursion.They caught several very nice fish.Trevor caught a rainbow in the five to six pound range, he says its Eight and some change. He is learning the art of fish stories ...

Wildflower Wonder Part 2

By rita
The False Rue Anemone, found and photographed by my walking buddy Diane is only one of many wildflowers in brilliant bloom right now in the Twin Lakes area. When you visit our guesthouse, be sure to bring your camera and your hiking boots. As we say in the Ozarks, "no tellin' what will delight your eyes when you arrive." Blessings,Writer Gal  

Dazzling Dries

By rita
After over 10 days of high flows, Bull Shoals Dam stopped generation last night at midnight. I made numerous trips down to the campground to check the water level, seeking that magical drop in flow so I could wade-fish. By the time the water was right, humidity draped the shoreline like a heavy woolen blanket; so I planned on late afternoon fishing. Finally at 4:45, I strapped on all my gear and headed to my favorite spot downriver on our 4-wheeler. Like a small child turned loose in the candy store, I could barely contain my thumping heart. It has been almost a month since circumstances allowed me to wade. Fitting my Albright 4 wt. rod together and attaching my Galvin reel, I was soon ready after threading on my favorite fly: Mike's White River Angel. Within 5 minutes, I landed a small Rainbow. After light takes which never produced another fish, I changed flies several more times with no results. The afternoon humidity continued to wear on me and I decided it would be healthier to seek some shadier spots. I walked several hundred yards upriver near a neighbor's boat ramp and tied on a tan Scud with no ...

Landing the Walleye

By deerrun
One of our customers was fishing off our point from land and hooked a nice Walleye.  The Walleye decided to hit the brush and our guy walked out into the water and landed the fish.  Now I never heard of Walleye fishing like this.  Right afterwards he then caught a big Largemouth.  I tell ya, the fish are biting.  

Here we come!!! Here FISHY...FISHY...FISHY...

By deerrun
Deer Run Guest House & Cabins - and Oak Ridge Resort are getting ready for next weeks fishing tournaments.  There are still openings for the annual Promise Land Area Resorts Spring Bass Buddy Tournament held April 23 and 24 - orientation is April 22.  This will be our 12th year.  Many prizes and cash is given as well as our big BBQ the last night.  There's still time to call and get in 800-511-LAKE (5253).  The fee is only $40 per team and $10 big bass.  All monies are given as prizes.  Fishing are buddies, husband and wives, father and sons.  It's a great time!! We are also getting some large mens groups coming in for some good fishing time.  This is the time of year the fish are really biting.  Oak Ridge has some larger units so the men can have their own beds.