Only 40 miles from Mystic Caverns - Hike to see "Hawksbill Crag", Arkansas' most photographed rock formation!

Submitted by mysticcaverns on Sat, 2010-01-02 13:28

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to take my kids along with one of their friends to visit Hawksbill Crag which is probably the most photographed spot in Arkansas. The kids were out of school for Christmas break, and I figured they could use some exercise. It was a cold overcast day. To get to the trailhead (it is about a 3 mile hike round trip), leave Mystic Caverns parking lot heading North on Highway 7 (a left turn from our driveway) for 1.5 miles, then turn left onto Highway 206 West for 7.1 miles to Highway 43, turn left onto Highway 43 South for 24.1 miles to Highway 21, turn left onto Highway 21 South for 1.3 miles, then turn right onto Cave Mountain Road (dirt), continue for 6 miles to the parking area and trailhead (the trailhead is actually across the dirt road from the parking area). It was probably about noon when we reached the trailhead. We took off down the trail eager for adventure. It took about five minutes for me to adjust my pace to that of the children (their legs are shorter than mine).We hadn't gone too far when my daughter noticed this Beech tree and took a picture of it.



After we had gone about a mile, we crossed a pretty little creek. My daughter took the picture below.



Just a little further down the creek were some long icicles. I took a picture with my seven year old looking at the icicles.



I was a little concerned about time, so we headed on down to Hawksbill Crag. The girls were awed by all the rock formations along the way, but they couldn't believe how spectacular this place was....



It was a little icy and slick in some places. My seven year old fell a couple of times and skinned her knees. The kids couldn't resist crawling on some of the other rocks on the way back....



Just a little further along the trail, my daughter took this picture of me on a rock that appeared to be balancing on the edge of the cliff!



By the time we made it back to my pickup truck, the girls were pretty tired. As we headed back, we saw the Trumpeter Swans again. The girls wanted to stop at Buffalo Outdoor Center in Ponca, Arkansas to see their pet Cockatoo named Lemon Drop. We stopped, and the girls spent the next twenty minutes visiting with the beautiful white bird. My daughter took the pictures below.



The girls even decided to feed Lemon Drop some potato chips. Lemon Drop seemed to really enjoy them.



I hope on your next trip to Arkansas that you will get to hike around this beautiful area that God created. Don't forget to go by Buffalo Outdoor Center (BOC) and meet Lemon Drop. They also rent some very nice cabins with fireplaces. We would love for you to stop in and visit with us at Mystic Caverns, but we will probably be closed until March 1st. Then, we will be open Monday through Saturday (closed on Sundays). You can always worship with us at online Sunday mornings at 11 am central time.  Happy New Year, and May God Bless You!