Hemmed in Hollow Waterfalls

Hemmed in Hollow Falls are tall - very tall.  At 220 feet, they are the tallest waterfalls between the Appalachians and Rockies.  Their claim to fame is not the volume of water but the height from which the water descends.  The Falls seldom completely quit flowing.  Even in the dry Summer there is a bit of water coming down.

The easiest way to access the falls is a canoe trip on the Buffalo River from Ponca to Kyles landing.  About 70% of the way through this float is a nondescript landing on the left.  Leave your canoe here and hike up stream.   The trail is usually very clear and easy to follow.  About 3/4 of a mile one way.

To hike to the falls, follow these driving directions to the trailhead located near Compton, AR.  The road from Compton to the parking area by the trail head has good signage.  From you car, the trail will briefly go through the woods, but then go sharply downhill to a streambed.  Turn left and hike up the stream bed to the falls.  Remember that to get back out will take much longer than getting there as the hike will be back up that mountain that the trail came down.  Leave yourself a couple hours of daylight to get back to your car.