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Duane Hada brings a unique, aesthetic appreciation to the sport of angling. Duane credits his life-long passion as artist and angler to being raised close to nature in the rural Ozarks’ Buffalo River country. Growing up surrounded by some of God’s greatest handiwork fuels the creative inspiration that has blended beautifully into a career as both angler and artist. 
When asked about his vocation, he’ll quickly tell you some days he’s an artist who guides, and some days he’s a guide who paints. Either way, his clients cherish another memory of a great day spent on the water. 
Duane’s recognition as both artist and angler has been honored with numerous awards and accolades, locally as well as nationally. His art has graced trout stamp designs, wildlife calendars, trout regulation manuals, and Nature Centers. A very prolific artist, Duane’s originals adorn banks, famous trout and saltwater lodges, as well as the Governor’s mansion special selection.

His highly sought after art has helped raise funds for FFF, Trout Unlimited, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, St.Jude’s Hooked on a Cure, and numerous other conservation groups and organizations. He is the illustrator for Ozark Trout Tales, Home Waters, and created the popular 2005 Arkansas Game & Fish Foundation license plate with a White River rainbow trout scene. His angling peers have honored him with the first fly-rod Master Angler Award from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission in 1989. He received the Silver Medal for the coaching the US Youth fly fishing team in the FIPS Mouche International Fly Fishing Competition in Wales. His art and fly fishing has allowed him to travel and experience many of the great angling destinations of the world.
Duane’s clients are often eager to have their outdoor adventures memorialized by him. His sketches, acrylics or watercolors frequently become prize possessions as souvenirs for his angling friends. Upon receiving his recently finished original, one client stated, “ I have an original piece of art that will forever refresh that special day on the river. It’s like having a modern day Winslow Homer”.

Duane holds a BSE in Art from the University of Central Arkansas. He has also received certification from the Federation of Fly Fishers as an instructor. He has taught numerous courses and workshops at local colleges and universities in fly fishing and art. His various slide presentation programs are popular with fly fishing clubs and conservation organizations. When you see Duane streamside staring into the water mesmerized by the sight of a wild finny creature suspended over a kaleidoscope palette of swaying rock and moss, he’s just contemplating whether to reach for the rod or the brush, or hopefully both.